The name over the door at 550 Plandome Road has changed throughout the years, but it will always reflect the soul of what makes Manhasset special. The familiar faces may come and go, but to sit at the same bar is to feel the pulse of this town. Publicans was lionized by J.R. Moehringer in his memoir “The Tender Bar” as exactly what you needed it to be, when you needed it, amongst the people you wanted to be around. That idea is what drove us to restore this celebrated address.

Publicans is the restaurant that you always wished was on your block. With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Publicans is the place you will quickly claim as your own. We opened our bar and kitchen to the neighborhood in order to serve you the best of what’s available, fresh and delicious. With respect for the past, we aim to honor the tradition and history formed within these fabled walls by extending true hospitality to the community, while creating new memories, stories and tales.

We want to do simple things really well, in an environment that feels like coming home. Whether you want to watch the game at the bar, have date night in a cozy booth, catch up with old friends, or just get the whole family around one table for dinner, we want to be that place for you. The soul of Publicans is hospitality personified.



Tapping into the culinary story woven through the fabric of Long Island, we have designed a menu to comfort and satisfy all. Pulling from the deep history of great American pubs and taverns, our kitchen produces classic dishes that stand up to modern tastes and expectations. Locally grown and seasonal ingredients are celebrated, prepared and consumed. Steaks will be grilled, burgers will feature dry-aged beef, and appetites will be more than satisfied.


A pub without a bar is simply not a pub. Ours has twenty beers on draft, a comprehensive wine list sourced from growers across the country, and a selection of liquor worthy of the space it has been given. Bartenders will mix Manhasset cocktails blended with local New York distilled spirits, as well as a solid repertoire of the classics. Citrus will be squeezed, pours will be long, and drinks will be shaken.

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